samman foundation - eyecamp

"Eye Camp"

“Gift of Sight” is a campaign align program towards a complete eye health check of poor women and teenage girls. "SAMMAAN FOUNDATION"....

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samman foundation - donatefood

"Donate Food"

Sometimes, the family members of serious patients do not have time to look after themselves, not even have the time to have food....

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"Support Underprivileged"

"Sammaan Foundation" is running this campaign towards the dream of providing education to not so privileged children. Requesting....

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Support For Children With Special Needs & Disabilities

Providing Physiotherapy and other treatments to the children with special needs Physiotherapists for

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Get rid of drug addiction

Children between the ages of 10-18 are most at risk for falling into the drug trap. This is especially the case when they see their friends...

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donate clothes

Donate Clothes

एक अल्पविशेष व्यक्ति को एक जोड़ी कपड़े देना उतना ही अच्छा है जितना कि उसे आत्मसम्मान के साथ कपड़े पहनाना।

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Animal Aid

Dogs, we all know are the most Human- Loving animal. They are much more than being just a Cuddly companion, the faithfulness, innocence and unconditional...

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